Menotox Challenge – Week 1(ish)

Thanks to the Menopause page I follow on Facebook for this one..

Get Ready For May Meno-tox

30 day challenge

It starts this Tuesday ladies!

Nothing complicated, easy to follow rules, just 100% commitment is required.

It’s time to deliberately make the choice to make things happen, rather than being a powerless bystander!

So get yourself ready this weekend.

Plan your menus, buy your supplements, treat yourself to a nice new journal and dust your trainers off 😊

Tuesday May 1st Begin – Write down:

* How you’re feeling emotionally and physically

* What symptoms are troubling you most

* What do you want to achieve from this challenge? (I.e more energy, weight loss etc)

For one month commit to:

* Eating clean/healthy (fish, lean protein, vegetables, beans/legumes, fruit, nuts & seeds)

*Reduce portion sizes – Divide calories throughout the day – Aim for:

400 breakfast

500 lunch

600 dinner

(Tweak this to suit your lifestyle)

* Incorporate 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed in your diet per day

* Reduce (or cut out!) caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake

* Walk briskly for at least 20 minutes every day

* Manage stress levels with a daily meditation session of at least 10 minutes

* Take a good quality multi vitamin & mineral supplement

* Take Phosphatidylserine supplements daily (RDA 300 mg per day)

Keep a daily record of what you have done and how you’re feeling. After one month summarise how you feel compared to day 1.

Pay particular attention to which symptoms have gone, which are more controllable and which ones you’re still having trouble with. The ones you are left with may need more specialised treatment, either from nutrition, supplements or hormone therapy.

By ‘Meno-toxing’ and following a healthy lifestyle regime for one month, you will be giving your body the best possible chance to tackle and reduce your symptoms.

To be successful, you must be mentally ready to commit 100% for a whole month – and no cheating!

It’s Day 1! – I started to prep myself for this challenge a little over a week ago, in an effort to get myself emotionally and physically started.

I’m not gonna lie to you. I love my wine. Probably a little too much at times. I have loved it especially at my darkest times, of which there has been plenty since I left the reproductive endocrinologists office on January 11, 2016. The past two years has been….a rollercoaster. They aren’t kidding when they compare life’s twists and turns to that. And Jesus, I hate rollercoasters. I am terrified of the loops, speed and stomach drop feeling you get on it. I’m more of a…slowly tour the amusement park on the tour train rider.

The fact that I even had to question if stopping drinking for a little while was something I could personally handle, was enough for me to challenge myself, and recognize that I didn’t want it to become a problem. Alcohol definitely increases the duration, severity, and number of hot flashes that I get. It also silently disguises the emotions I need to get through in order to accept this diagnosis as a normal part of my life and the person I am. And sure, it’s great to relax after a stressful work week of which I have many or enjoy a few brews for a night out with friends, but I’ve found in the past two years I was seriously just finding reasons to have a few drinks so I didn’t have to think about POF and how it is changing me. It would be 8am and I’m thinking about whether or not I have enough wine left in the bottle to have three glasses later because 1 or 2 wouldn’t be enough to cover the distress I felt throughout the day, wondering how many pregnant bellies I would see, or announcements on Facebook, or whether anyone notices when I have a hot flash and look like I’ve had an allergic reaction. I usually have bad headaches in the morning, and more easily obtainable hangovers than I had in my 20s. And one of my oddest and new discoveries to date – the skin around all of my tattoos raises when I got a hot flash from drinking. I have plenty of good reasons to cut back. It’s been 9 days without any alcohol and I feel great about that. It’s a lot easier than I thought, actually. Easier than the coffee and sugar so far.

As for the sugar, I started to cut that last week as well. Like cold turkey. I’m a nut..but honestly cold turkey is the only way that will work for me. I quit smoking that way too, it’s just the best way for me to stick to a game plan. I’m still eating fruits though, because they’re delicious and since I’ve cut sugar, fruit is my sweet treat. Today was probably my hardest day, so hopefully it’s only gets easier from this point. In fact, I’ve noticed I unintentionally have avoided bread and starch, too. My stomach has been so happy with me!

COFFEE. My boo. My delicious sweet energizing nectar from the Gods. My life is built around this beautiful bean. Literally, I’m a barista, coffee IS my life. From the first moment I ever drank it when my mom let me around 12, I fell in love for the first time.

Coffee has also been giving me a lot of extra anxiety on top of menopausal anxiety. Menopausal anxiety probably deserves it’s own blog post. I think this was the part of the challenge I was most afraid of, because of the withdrawal symptoms. That’s given me a new anxiety. And I’ll tell ya…the struggle is REAL. I’ve had a persistent, nagging little headache since Sunday afternoon. I’m drained. And I don’t mean like hey, I need a power nap, I mean like..I could probably sleep for 7 days straight and it still wouldn’t help. And though I am doing my besssst to keep my attitude under control, I have a feeling my facial expressions aren’t pleasant this week. Especially when someone says or does something dumb. It’s starting to get better though, just like the sugar, I am reaching the top of the hill where I think it’s about to get easier for me to do this.

My intentions for this challenge are this: to be a healthier, happier and more accepting version of me. I would like to lose some weight, and hopefully increase my energy. By no means am I obese or anything, but since I got diagnosed I have gone up 6 sizes, and I’d like to get back to where I was. Maybe a part of me is also holding on to hope that if I got healthier and more in shape and stopped drinking wine and coffee and did pushups and squats and didn’t curse as much and was nice to everyone and spent more time talking to God, that I could reverse this condition.

I believe they call this the “bargaining” stage of grief?

Whatever my reasons are, I’m happy for the change. If it means my symptoms will become more manageable or went away completely even, and if it meant I was an overall happier person at the end of this, and more accepting of this diagnosis, than this challenge is worth everything.

So Day 1 (or kind of Day like 5, 6 and 7 since I started early) – this morning was hard. I wanted all the unhealthy things..for about an hour. I stayed strong. And I got over the bump and continued my healthy eating. I also doubled my Fitbit step goal and walked over 20,000 steps! Drank lots of water. Enjoyed a nice walk at the trail. I feel positive, motivated, determined and exhausted. And I look forward to powering through this challenge, and sharing my experience with everyone. Stay tuned!

Day 2 – decaf earl grey tea is pretty good. Now as a barista with my plentiful knowledge on the subject, yes I am aware that decaf is not technically caffeine free and has like 3% caffeine. Cold turkey is hard, you guys. I did get some great sleep last night, though. Probably my 20,000 steps yesterday. According to my Fitbit it was the least amount in a week, but felt the best to me. I’m noticing I’m less jumpy, too.

Day 3 – I feel really great this morning! I had my absolute best sleep last night. Over 8 hours and didn’t wake up once. Only 3 times restless according to my Fitbit app (assuming its on point lol) I will say, my walk last night was tough, though. My energy seemed a little lower and I’m not sure if it was physically related or heat related since the temps began to soar this week. Humidity, heat and menopause are not exactly good company. I’m feeling better about my diet. Sugar cravings are dropping. Haven’t wanted a drink at all. Caffeine has quickly become an old friend that pops up on Facebook under “People You May Know,” that you don’t need to click on.

Today I have an appt with my OBGYN, who is the primary doctor who manages my treatment. I’m excited to tell her about this challenge, and ask her for advice and suggestions. Like how to reach my newly realized goal of lose enough belly fat that my stomach no longer sticks out past my boobs.

Day 6 – Sorry! I skipped blogging a couple days. Super busy. Busy being healthyyyy 💪💯

I had a rough Friday night. I wanted more fulfilling food, and a glass of wine. Surprisingly, the coffee has moved up to first place as far as easy detox 🧐 I also had a bad headache that day and a smoothie or celery sticks was not gonna cover it. I got myself a lentil soup, and I wasn’t certain on the ingredients honestly, and I also did have a small piece of cornbread to avoid vomiting from the headache, which helped immensely. Went for my walk the next morning and threw maca in my smoothie and boom – felt like a new woman! I’ve tried maca before, but I don’t recall noticing much of a difference, so maybe without all the caffeine and sugar now…it showed itself? I’m gonna try it for a good couple months at least this time. Last time I gave up after like 2 weeks. I shopped for a LOT of healthy stuff yesterday. Veggies/fruit/fish and picked up my flaxseed. I was a little late on that! Also picked up hand weights and a scale. And speaking of scale – as of a doctors appt I had last month for a sinus infection, I’ve lost 7 POUNDS! I also hit over 21,000 steps last night! That really amped up my motivation for this 🤗

Thank you for following the journey so far, stay tuned for a new post as I head in to week two of my May Menotox Challenge.

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I was diagnosed with ovarian failure when I was 30, and I’m blogging my journey. As brutally truthful and raw as it may be some days, sharing my story through writing and getting more awareness out there has been one of the best forms of therapy. Pour yourself a glass of wine, stay for some hot flashes, night sweats, inspirational quotes, tears, mood swings and memes.

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  1. I too started a May challenge. Not quite as impressive as this but similar. I might struggle with my love of Merlot 🍷😊

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